The brewery restaurant Huvila operates in an old villa, originally a mental hospital and a sanatorium, built in 1912. It is located in a leafy park on the edge of Saimaa. The restaurant milieu is calm and stylish, and the scenery outside varies with the four seasons in Finland. The Huvila kitchen prides itself on using the freshest local produce and a versatile approach on Finnish freshwater fish as ingredients. The key words for our cuisine are quality, freshness, local produce and hand-made approach. The dining experience is further enhanced with wines, carefully selected and imported directly by the restaurant, as well as beers and ciders from our own brewery.   The Huvila Brewery traditionally follows the British ale school of brewing, but it also includes ales from Belgium and Germany. There are six Huvila Brewery products available on tap as well as one cider. The beers and ciders are brewed on premises. Local brews at their best! The Huvila terrace features also live music. Top Finnish artists and bands entertain audiences in the long summer nights. And at the end of a hard day’s night, you can find a bed upstairs. Huvila is not a huge hotel complex, but we have two cozy Bed & Breakfast rooms above the brewery. Welcome to Huvila! Huvila1_11.jpg Brewery Savonlinna has a long tradition in brewing beer with firm roots in the foundation of the Olavinlinna Castle, dating from 500 years back. So we can be proud of our centuries old tradition. The black era of Savonlinna brewing history dawned in 1973 with the closing of Savonlinna Beer Factory. The drought lasted until 2002, when the Brewery restaurant Huvila opened. The brewery’s ideology follows the British ale school, but there are tastes from Belgium, Germany and now also from the wonderland of the US. The beer is hand-crafted and served unfiltered and unpasteurized straight from tap in the Brewery restaurant Huvila. Menu The main ideology of the Huvila kitchen can be described as local, fresh, casual dining. We are privileged to be able to use local vegetables, fish and meat as well as berries and mushrooms from the local forests. Beers and beer ingredients are naturally an integral part of Huvila’s wold of ingredients. A modern brewery restaurant features beer as a default on the table, but does not shy away from great  wines, either. Rooms The Huvila upstairs offers home-like lodging without compromising high quality. The two double rooms are located upstairs from the restaurant, offering a view of the charming Lake Saimaa and the hustle and bustle on the market square across the water. The rooms include bathroom with showers, TV and of course our great breakfast. RESERVATIONS More information about the B & B:  email:, tel.+358 15 555 0 555 B&B PRICES 2017 1 Jan – 7 July  85€ 7 July – 5 Aug – Opera season – 125€ 5 Aug – 31 Dec 85€